Penetration Testing

Are you sure, your infrastructure of digital world is fully secure from attackers? If not, so we at Xowia Technologies provides you foremost overt and covert penetration testing for your network and web applications. We perform testing on network or on web applications with fully automated to fully manually that let us know every weaknesses in your security infrastructure. With penetration testing we also prefer to perform vulnerability assessent to identify security loopholes and weeknesses that can lead to compromise your security infrastructure.

Network Penetration Testing

We provide two type of penetration services and one of them is network penetration testing. Digital network or a computer network can be a soft target of hacker or attacker that may allow them to steal sentitive data from your organization. Our penetration testing team will help you to protect your internal and external network from attackers or hackers. Network penetration testing done in many phases that ensure us that any attacker can't breach the digital security. If you are watching this that mean you are using internet and if your are using internet, it means you are in cyber world and in cyber world, many new vulnerabilities are coming daily in front of us. We penetrate your network with fully automated tools to fully manual validation to ensure our dedication and satisfication for our work.

We perform Network penetration testing in different phases, some of them are mentioned below-

  • Port Scanning
  • Firewall Testing
  • System Fingerprinting
  • Services Testing
  • Unsecure Application Testing
  • Internal Network Scanning
  • Cryptographic Weakness
  • Password Strength Testing
  • Session Hijacking
  • Switch Architecture Weakness
  • Wireless Security Testing
  • Network Equipment Weaknesses Testing
  • Weak Security Configuration Testing
  • And More

Web Application Penetration Testing

We applications are becoming most easy and common target for attackers because by triggering a simple vulnerability attacker can steal sensitive information from your web server and the things can be so wrost. Best Practice suggests that an organisation should perform a web application test in addition to regular security assessments in order to ensure the security of its web applications. A security test is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by methodically validating and verifying the effectiveness of application security controls. A web application security test focuses only on evaluating the security of a web application. The process involves an active analysis of the application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities. Any security issues that are found will be presented to the system owner, together with an assessment of the impact, a proposal for mitigation or a technical solution. On web applications, tons of attackes are performed by attackers on daily bases. Have you done before penetration testing of your web application? If not, we can take guarantee to identify security vulnerability on your web application. Web application penetration testing methodology is based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodology which includes:

  • Software Infrastructure/Design Weaknesses
  • Input Validation Attacks
  • Cross Site Scripting Attacks
  • Script Injection Attacks (SQL Injection)
  • CGI Vulnerabilities
  • Password Cracking
  • Cookie Theft
  • User Privilege Elevation
  • Web/Application Server Insecurity
  • Security of Plug-In Code
  • 3rd Party Software Vulnerabilities
  • Database Vulnerabilities
  • Privacy Exposures

We supported security infrastructure of some companies-