Incident Respnse

Are you prepared for cyber attacks? hacking community has evolved. The worst time you realized you're not prepared for any cyber attack when security incident occured. 21st century is the hacker's century and they're playing around cyber world for fun and profit. Some hackers only aim the sensitive information gathering, monitoring, accessing data from the target server or system. This kind of attacks may cause the financial lose, reputation of your company and the lose of user's trust. Many organizations don't have a plan in place to diagonse and handle the security breach. We provide two kind of services for Incident Response -

Emergency Incident Response

Get immediate calamity response. Xowia's Incident Response (IR) Team analyze and investigate and will prepare post incident support for future incident. Xowia's Incident Response Solution-

  • Emergency Incident Response
    • Incident Rescue
    • Analysis of logs and forensics (if required)
    • Malware and Virus analysis
    • Incident Report
  • Planning and Preparation for Incident
    • Monitoring of ongoing breaches
    • Tracing, Forensics capture and analysis
  • Remediation
    • Patch the Issue
    • Execute remediation plans to prevent recurrence
  • Post Incident Support

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Trainings

Our Digital Forensics and Incident Response Training (DFIRT) program will guide you how to handle incident and in-depth study of computer forensics. All the live practicals demos will clear all the concept of Incident Response and Digital Forensics. By this training program you will learn how to respond unauthorized access, how to trace the foot print of numerous attacks also with this program learn step by step incident response procedure. System and network administrators, corporate security personnel, auditors, law enforcement officers, and consultants responsible for network intrusions. Basic understanding of Unix, Windows OS, computer forensics, and TCP/IP networking is required for the course to be fully beneficial.

We supported security infrastructure of companies, some of them are-